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Take command of the Azure Sky Group!

You'll be leading a Mercenary Organization who only cares about getting paid. Choose your mission, select the right agent, and gear him or her up any way you see fit to go out and take care of business!

Tackle official contracts (hand-built levels) or do some freelance work (randomly generated levels) on the side for extra cash.

But be careful! If you make the wrong people angry, they'll come looking for you at your home base. Counter this by building defenses, upgrading your base buildings, and being ready to defend your turf!


* Mix and match over 30 pieces of gear to customize your Agent - play your way!
* 15 Agents to choose from, hire them, fire them, and replace them as they die.
* Agents earn XP! Level up, improve stats, choose from Perks, and craft them into the perfect killing machines.
* Randomly Generated Missions to do on the side for extra money!
* Powerful hidden prototype items, crafted from parts found throughout the game.
* Rocket Launchers, Jetpacks, Cloaking Devices, Grappling hooks and more! All the tools you need for success.
* Training modes featuring timed mini-games to compete with your friends or yourself.
* Manage money to buy more items, upgrade your base, and pay your agents.

Note: Some features are in a 'preview only / work in progress state' - These include Base invasions, Random missions (not available in demo), Base upgrades.

Install instructions

This game tends to run slower if you run it directly from your download manager. Find it in your download folder and run it from there for best results.




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