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Lemmy the Wizard needs your help!

He has been cursed with the dreaded "Lemming Curse" and cannot stop himself from walking! Use his spells to guide him to the exit of each level in this puzzle platforming throwback to the great old game "Lemmings".

Place platforms, fight monsters and puzzle your way through 36 levels with more free levels on the way!

Watch the first four levels played here!

This is a FREE DEMO version of Lemmy the Wizard - a 36 level puzzle platformer. This demo contains the first 5 levels of the game for you to try!

The full version can be found at https://burgee.itch.io/lemmy-the-wizard

All art was either purchased from the game maker marketplace or made by myself.

Packs used:
Platform Tilesets
Platformer Tilesets
Weird but Fluffy Enemy Pack 1
Platform RPG Hero Pack 1
Parallax Backgrounds

Install instructions

Note that game maker games often throw up a false positive for malware upon running them. This game does not contain malware - feel free to scan it. There are many threads on the subject if you google "game maker malware warnings"



LemmyDemo.zip (22 MB)


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This game will snatch every motherfucker birthday