A downloadable game for Windows

Play as a Deity watching over a new civilization on a hostile world full of rain, bears, tornadoes, wildfires, lightning storms, and more!

Control the climate with your handy remote control that recharges its batteries on pure faith alone from the independent people of your randomly generated world!

When your TV Remote batteries die it's annoying, what happens when the batteries in your WORLD REMOTE die?  That's right - DISASTERS!

Watch your loving citizens build homes, marry, have children, take a leisurely walk or a swim, and grow older.  (Or get struck by lightning, mauled by tornadoes, caught by bears or freeze to death in the harsh winters...)

All in a day's work.

(We tried for HTML5 but couldn't make it happen for performance reasons, please forgive us!)


ClimateClicker Optimized.exe 6 MB
ClimateClicker.exe 6 MB
CCSource.zip 27 MB


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It was cute! I didn't know what was going on half the time but I loved my little dudes <3

Will it be for Windows?

It is for windows! Give it a shot!

okie dokie :D


It's for windows

sounds great